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2023 Fishbowl Challenge!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

(Thursday, March 23rd) The MTHS Entrepreneurship & Innovation club hosted its 2nd annual Fishbowl Challenge. Globe Explorer came in first place while Onyx, Sevanu, and PureCure rounded out the rest of the podium!

The Fishbowl Challenge is an opportunity for students to pitch a concept or idea to a panel of judges. Similar to the TV show, Shark Tank, the panel of judges conduct a 3 minute Q&A to learn more about price and market competition, among other important details.

Members of the club have collaborated in groups to develop their ideas throughout the school year. By using club resources and gathering advice from executive board members, they shined with knowledge and confidence during the competition.

However, this challenge is NOT exclusive to club members. In fact, nearly half of the competing teams were general MTHS students, NOT a part of the club!

In total 10 teams competed in this year’s Fishbowl competition with the top 3 placing teams each taking home a cash prize. Awards are as follows:

1st Place: Globe Explorer ($250)

2nd Place: Reef Restoration Kits ($150)

3rd Place: Onyx / Sevanu ($75)

Honorable Mention: PureCure

Looking ahead to the 2024 competition, the club looks forward to hosting another successful Fishbowl challenge, hopefully with a larger pool of applicants. If you’ve ever come up with a new idea or product, consider joining the Entrepreneurship club and/or applying to be part of the competition next year!

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Gabriel K
Gabriel K
Apr 05, 2023

What an article!

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