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1D Day

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Photo/Video Editor

Only a few days before their new album release, One Direction hosted a 7-hour live stream for their fans on November 23.

All around the world, fans tuned in to Youtube or Google+ to watch the British pop-sensation, not knowing what they were in for. Luckily for us, the stream was scheduled from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time. With exciting events taking place, the stream extended 38 minutes, making the total time 7 hours and 38 minutes.

After the introduction, One Direction got right into the daily activities. The boys followed one lucky fan on Twitter (thanks to their colorful follow wheel) before trying to break the first world record of the night. In 30 seconds, each set of partners had to stack as many rolls of toilet paper as they could. Unfortunately, they did not break the record.

The band performed two of their own songs during the stream – “Little Things” off of their previous album, “Take Me Home,” and their new hit single “Story of My Life,” which is on their new album “Midnight Memories.”

To kick off their many celebrity guests, Piers Morgan made an appearance. He had fans send in tweets with a hashtag, providing Morgan with embarrassing questions to ask each band member.

Along with watching the band live, fans were in for a special treat. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik prepared different videos for 1D Day.

Styles’ video stars the band’s cook and himself participating in a cook-off.

Payne’s video stars his surfing skills while in Australia.

Malik’s video shows off his artistic abilities (spray painting graffiti on the walls) while on tour.

Tomlinson’s video reveals his talent, and happiness, while playing football (American soccer).

Not only did the boys create their own videos, but they created group videos as well. One of the group’s video was a short fitness video, which stars Styles, Payne, Horan, and Malik working out. Fans went ballistic after watching this.

“Although I’m not a fan of One Direction, my friend linked me to a few videos that starred during 1D Day. My favorite video is of the band dancing and lip-syncing to Jason Derulo’s song ‘Talk Dirty To Me.’ The video is priceless,” says junior Corinne Franchette.

To keep the live-stream exciting, the band had Dynamo, an English magician, join the band and perform jaw-dropping tricks. You had to see Dynamo’s tricks to believe them.

Styles and Payne were joined by model Cindy Crawford to walk the runway in tee-shirts that Swedish fans designed, leaving everyone star-struck, including the behind-the-scenes crew members.

Simon Cowell, the man who formed the five talented artists into one band, joined the boys for a few minutes and spoke about the formation of the band, and how far the boys have come. The band gifted ‘Uncle Simon’ with adorable onesies (each has a design of one band member’s face) for his new son, who will be arriving in a few months.

Speaking of arrivals, Jerry Springer made an appearance on 1D Day. Before he had a chance to talk to the band and begin his ‘1DBigQuiz’ as he called it, he revealed jaw-dropping news, informing Tomlinson that he was, in fact, the grandson of Springer.

Springer invited Tomlinson’s mother Johanna, who is expecting her fifth and sixth children, to join the two on set, and he apologized for his lack of support. Tomlinson went along with the joke and continued the show.

“One of my favorite parts was when Harry and Niall ate the deep fried grasshoppers. Harry was so willing to try it at first, but after a bite, he was disappointed and disgusted,” said an anonymous student.

Thanks to technology, the band was able to receive videos from people all over the universe, even people who were in space.

To end the live-stream, the band performed a duet of the song “White Christmas” with Michael Bublé through the chat.

There are not enough words in the world to be able to describe what happened on 1D Day.

What is holding you back from checking out some videos of 1D Day?

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